Adalin Deodorant Roll-on Recipe

Adalin Deodorant Roll-on Tarifi

Although the preparation phase may seem a little troublesome, it will be indispensable after you use the natural deodorant we will obtain.

Materials ;

1 Tablespoon Adalin Coconut Oil (full)

1 Tablespoon Adalin Shea Butter

1 Tablespoon of drinking soda (baking soda)

10 drops Adalin Tea Tree Essential Oil (Due to its antibacterial properties, we recommend adding it to every fixed recipe)

5 Drops of Lemon Peel Essential Oil (For an effective solution against darkening, we recommend adding it to every fixed recipe)

15 drops of Adalin Lavender Essential Oil (you can change the scent with any other essential oil you like).

Preparation of;

You melt the fats in solid form in a bain-marie method to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Then you add essential oils and baking soda and mix. You can pour the mixture you prepared into a jar that you can easily take, or if you have an empty stick container at home, and freeze it. We recommend that you keep it in the refrigerator or in a cool place, as it cannot maintain its solid form in a hot environment.

You can take your ready-to-use deodorant in solid form with the help of a wooden spatula and use it. If it is in a stick structure, your use will be more comfortable.

Essential Oils that you can use in your deodorant;

Adalin Cedar Essential Oil (For male use)

Adalin Sandalwood Essential Oil (for male use)

Adalin Geranium Essential Oil

Adalin Patchouli Essential Oil (suitable for both men and women)

Adalin Vanilla Essential Oil (for female use)

Adalin Jasmine Essential Oil (for female use)


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