Hair Mask for Glamorous Shiny Hair

Göz Alıcı Parlak Saçlar İçin Saç Maskesi

For Glamorous Shiny Hair;

It is very easy to make our own mask; We can apply it only as a fixed oil (Adalin Grape Seed Oil), or we can apply it to our mask by mixing it with other nourishing oils such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil.


  • 20ml (about 1 tablespoon) Adalin Coconut Oil
  • 20ml (about 1 tablespoon) Adalin Grape Seed oil
  • 10ml (about one teaspoon) spoon Adalin Sweet Almond Oil
  • 10 drops of Adalin Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (or check out our blog post “which essential oil should I use on hair and how”).

Preparation and use; Mix the ingredients in a bowl. You can increase or decrease the amount needed according to the length of your hair. Continue by massaging your hair and scalp for 10 minutes, ensuring that your hair is covered with a mask from root to tip. Wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave it overnight (if you can't do this, we recommend leaving it for at least 1 hour). Wash your hair and style as usual. It would be appropriate to apply it twice a month.

Why Should We Create a Hair Mask Routine in Hair Care?

Our hair is actually our clothing. Complementing us and sometimes just enjoying ourselves when our hair looks full, shiny and well-groomed, this garment may need protection against styling and other damage. Maybe adding it to your weekly routine, which will take 10 minutes to prepare, may result in less breakage and shedding.

The powerful antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids in the oils we recommend for use in your mask will keep your hair moist and create a barrier against the damage caused by free radicals.


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