Makeup Remover Recipe

Makyaj Temizleyici Tarifi

Especially removing mascara residue from your lashes has never been this easy;

  • 10-15 ml Adalin Sweet Almond Oil
  • 30 ml Ultimate Rosewater Without Adalin Oil
  • 50ml glass bottle

Preparation and use; Put 10-15ml (approximately 1 tablespoon) Adalin Sweet Almond Oil and 30ml Adalin Rosewater into the 50ml bottle, close the lid and shake well. Be sure to shake before each use; Experience the naturalness of easily cleaning your make-up using make-up removal cotton.

While removing our make-up, we want to get rid of chemicals that harm our skin. What if the makeup removers we use are chemical!☹️ Without chemical cleaners, it will be possible to clean our eye and face makeup by applying this recipe.


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