Easy-to-Use Recipes for Healthy Dental and Oral Health

Sağlıklı Diş ve Ağız Sağlığı İçin Kullanımı Kolay Tarifler

Freshen Your Breath With Healthy Teeth, Beautiful Smiles…

We think that Tooth Decay is only due to poor diet and hygiene. It has recently been discovered that teeth decay faster when under stress. The use of brushing and gargling with essential oils is very useful for healthy teeth and gums and for the protection of the mouth.

Usage recommendations;

  • Just like you would drop a drop of essential oil on your toothbrush and use it;
  • You can freshen your breath by gargling with 1 drop of essential oil in half a glass of water.

Essential Oils You Can Use While Brushing Your Teeth or Gargle;

  • Adalin Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Adalin Bergamot Oil
  • Adalin Clove oil (especially when you feel pain will help relieve)
  • Adalin Tea tree Essential oil
  • Adalin Sage Essential Oil
  • Adalin Lavender Essential Oil


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