You can make natural disinfectants using essential oils.

Uçucu yağları kullanarak doğal dezenfektanlar yapabilirsiniz.

Natural disinfectant recipe;

Toilet and bathroom cleaner


1 Turkish Coffee Cup Arabic Soap,

2 Turkish Coffee Cups Borax,

1 Turkish Coffee Cup White Vinegar

3 Turkish Coffee Cups Hot Water

10 Drops Adalin Tea Tree Essential Oil

10 Drops Adalin Eucalyptus Essential Oil

10 Drops Adalin Lemon Peel Essential Oil

spray bottle

How to do it: You mix borax and arugula in a deep bowl. You can add water and vinegar to the mixture that has a creamy consistency, add our essential oils after a final mixing and put it in a spray bottle and use it.

List of essential oils suitable for natural disinfectant;

  • Lemon Peel Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Sage Essential Oil


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