What are the Essential Oils You Can Use in Massage?

Masajda Kullanabileceğiniz Uçucu Yağlar Nelerdir?

Lavender Essential Oil; It is calming, relaxing, relaxing, provides the balance of body and mind, promotes sleep.

Bergamot Essential Oil; It reduces stress and tension, calms, invigorates, refreshes.

Peppermint Essential Oil; It has a refreshing, cooling, pain-reducing effect. It improves mental performance.

Sage Oil; Hormonal balance is effective in calming mood swings.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil; It has an indispensable effect with its respiratory support, analgesic effects and cooling properties.

Grapefruit Essential Oil; It has a balancing, revitalizing, anxiety-relieving, appetite suppressing feature.