Miracle Oils: 10 essential aromatherapy oils that will improve your quality of life

Mucize Yağlar : Yaşam kalitenizi arttıracak 10 temel aromaterapi yağı

The difficulties we experience during the day, traffic, polluted air, noise… In short, the hustle and bustle of life. Although living in big cities can be stressful, many people flock to big cities with the dream of making better money and living in better conditions. Until 50 years ago, only a third of the world's population lived in big cities, but today, cities have more than half of the world's population. So, in this rush, do you ask yourself the following questions?

  • Am I taking time for myself?
  • Do I feel good spiritually?
  • Am I strong psychologically?
  • Can I clear my mind to learn new things, improve myself and adapt?

It is our common desire and right to lead a quality life. Certain lifestyle changes can help raise your standards.

As Adalin Aromatherapy, we have brought together 10 essential aromatherapy oil recommendations that will increase your quality of life. By browsing our list from time to time, you can make big changes in your life with small applications in practice.

How We Chose

  • Research: The 10 essential oils on this list were chosen because they have proven benefits and are popular with many people.
  • It matters how it's made: the essential oils on this list are produced by cold pressing or steam distillation.
  • Must be 100% Pure: As Adalin Aromatherapy, all our aromatherapy oils; It is 100% pure and natural.
  • For general use: All are considered suitable for both fragrance and aromatherapy uses and receive excellent customer reviews.
  • Protection from sunlight: Adalin Aromatherapy offers its oils in amber glass bottles between 5ml and 250ml, protected from sunlight.

    Lavender Essential Oil

    Medicinal Lavender Essential Oil:

    It gives a feeling of relief from stress, peace and calm. It has the effect of supporting a comfortable and deep sleep. You can drop 3 drops of Medicinal Lavender Essential Oil on your pillow and enjoy a deep sleep. In addition, you can relax your environment and get rid of stress by dripping 6 drops into your Adalin Ultrasonic Diffuser.

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    Bergamot Essential Oil :

    If you are a fan of Early Gray tea, Bergamot Essential Oil will be your favourite! The magnificent citrus scent will make you rest and calm… Smell deeply when your mind is full. It is as assertive as Lavender Essential oil in coping with stress!... Moreover, when used with Lavender Essential Oil, it is very compatible, the two are stronger together.

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    Rosemary Essential Oil:

    Concentration problem is one of the biggest problems after stress. Not being able to focus on a subject for both children and adults is one of the big problems of today… Rosemary Essential Oil is there to support you in this regard. Rosemary Essential Oil is known to activate brain functions. You can relax your environment by dropping 6-10 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil into your Adalin Ultrasonic Diffuser, and you can use 2 drops on the collar of your clothes.

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    Eucalyptus Essential Oil :

    No stuffy nose! Eucalyptus Essential Oil, which we can recommend for those who do breathing exercises, helps you feel more oxygen in the environment by opening your sinuses. Put 2 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil on your child's or your own clothes. For your spaces, apply with Adalin Ultrasonic Diffuser.

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    Lemon Essential Oil :

    Lemon and Orange Essential Oil, by activating our hormones of happiness; It helps us make a fresh, energetic and happy start. It blocks bad odors in the environment and creates a fresh and positive environment. Do not be indifferent to the energizing and joyful scent of Lemon and Orange Essential Oil.

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    Tea Tree Essential Oil:

    Tea Tree Essential Oil, which fights acne well, should be among the indispensables of your routines. In addition, with its antiseptic structure, it is a good natural disinfectant, a natural deodorant and a structure that prevents flies and insects from approaching you. You can ventilate your environment with Tea Tree Essential Oil and apply it to your clothes.

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    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil :

    Known as a natural perfume, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is famous for its mystical scent and aphrodisiac effect. It brings out your romantic feelings. Increase your feminine energy by scenting your environment with ylang ylang essential oil.

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    Geranium (Sardinia) Essential Oil:

    Thanks to the geraniol and citronellol active ingredients in its content, it shows very similar properties to Rose Essential Oil. Geranium (Sardinia) Essential Oil helps to keep your energy frequency at the optimum level with its aromatic scent. It also helps prevent stress, anxiety and depression while being effective for edema, infection and menopause.

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    Medicinal Peppermint Essential Oil:

    Thanks to the Menthol contained in it, it is a natural breath freshener. In addition, Medicinal Peppermint Essential Oil can be used aromatically to invigorate the senses and stimulate a sense of energy. It has a relaxing effect in cases of nausea.

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    Daily Essential Oil:

    What better way to start the day than with the comforting scent of Daily Essential Oil? Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or a morning meditator… Using this essential oil during these experiences will help you focus throughout the day. Plus, the scents of the daily essential oil will add to your morning routine, helping you feel more satisfaction, peace, relaxation, and even overall wellness. With its powerful aromatic properties, daily essential oil is essential for providing a positive and focused effect for the rest of the day.

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