Our aim

The healing power of nature has been known since ancient times. However, people have recently forgotten that he is also a part of nature. It devalued nature's healing and glorified synthetic conveniences. Artificial foods, fragrances, drugs… Everything was much easier, but something went wrong. He thought of his ancestors; how healthy they were, even if they didn't know what synthetic is! The awakening has begun and natural methods for healing have begun to rise all over the world. A lot of people these days are looking for natural recipes to achieve better skin and hair, and even to circumvent some simple health problems. We know how difficult it is to reach 100% pure fixed and essential oils these days. As the founders of "Adalin", we have always sought the "purest" with a passion that has lasted for years. Inside our bottles, there is only what we write on the label. this is so important for us. Because only real, pure and quality products can provide healing and beauty.

Wishing to always reach purity and naturalness…

Get to know us closely

Adalin Aromatherapy

Our Organization : Nilglobal

Nilglobal is a production & foreign trade company established in Antalya in 2018. With its 1200 m2 closed area, 1300 m2 cold press offers high quality 100% pure & natural vegetable oils produced in closed area essential oil factories to various countries of the world.


Our cold-pressed factory has a monthly capacity of 30 tons and processes many seeds and kernels, especially local products, which vary according to our customers' orders.

In our factory, which operates on essential oils, many essential oils are processed, especially endemic plants such as rose, thyme, bay leaf, juniper, myrtle leaf, sage, which are important values ​​of our country, and can reach a monthly capacity of 3 tons.

We are very sensitive in the supply of raw materials in order to offer you the best product. We only use local plants, seeds and kernels.


We supply the fixed and essential oils of plants and seeds that do not grow in our country by analyzing them in reputable laboratories at world standards.


Adulteration and contamination (pesticides, aflatoxins, mycotoxins and heavy metals) cannot even be mentioned in our products. We deliver our products to you in 100% purity. Our products do not see any refinement or refinement.

As Nilglobal, our goal is to do long and good works based on trust with you, our valued customers, without sacrificing quality and honesty at all times.